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The product line of FWT Wickeltechnik GmbH includes composite rolls, pipes, drive shafts, special components as well as roller service.

Produced are rolls made of fiber reinforced composites, which are used in paper and printing machines, machines for film production and in the production of nonwoven materials.

The tubes, produced by the company are manufactured in filament winding technology and made for various applications. Therefore each tube is specifically designed according to customer needs.

A special field of application is maritime industries, like drive shafts for ferries. Apart from applications in industrial machine building or transportation, specialists of the company also confronted with special applications that challenge the engineers. However, it is this challenge that makes the company stronger and better in daily business.

FWT Wickeltechnik GmbH offers roller services especially to operators in the paper industry as well as to other manufacturers in different field.

The company FWT Wickeltechnik exports over 90% of its products in 15 countries in Europe and Japan.

Among the properties of composite rolls are low weight, low moment of inertia, high stiffness, good damping properties,low thermal expansion and non corrosive properties.

Main advantages compared to the standard steel rolls:
  • easy handling
  • increased critical speed
  • smooth running
  • increased bearing life time
  • reduced drive energy