Vacuum system survey and reconstruction for Proletariy Paper Mill

Proletriy Board Mill, a successful Russian board and corrugated board package producer, asked BKT-Service specialists to implement a vacuum system survey. The survey was required in order to find the ways of optimizing the system taking in consideration Customer's plans to increase the machine speed from 150 to 350 rpm.

After the survey had been conducted a stage by stage plan for the vacuum system reconstruction was elaborated by BKT-Service engineers. The first stage, that has been successfully implemented by August 2103, included replacement of the existing liquid ring vacuum pump in a low vacuum zone to exhausting fan with a separator (drip collector).

Due to the removal of one liquid ring vacuum pump from the working cycle, the Customer managed ot achieve significant decrease in power consumption,  that let them save more than 2 million rubles (approx. 46 000 euro). Already after the first stage of the reconstruction the vacuum level on the machine increased to 1-2 meters w.c., sheet dryness after the press section increased by 0,5 %, and balance the dryness in cross machine direction. Accroding to preliminary calculations, first stage expenses will pay back in less than one year only due to decreased power consumption, not ot mention other resources. For example, estimated сost cutting on water consumption during one year will be 50 000 m3.