Pulp Machine Steam and Condensate System modernization

Arkhangelsky Pulp and Paper Mill announced a tender for steam and condensate system development and supply in order to increase the pulp machine capacity.

Kadant Johnson Systems, which official representative in Russia is BKT-Service, participated in this tender competition and won. Kadant Johnson specialists took a decision to install a new steam and condensate system consisting of self supporting rotary joints 2700 ELSN, siphons, essential instrumentation and piping, vacuum generator instead of vacuum pump for easy maintenance. Equipment supply and installation was followed by BKT-Service specialists’ control.

Current project was implemented in October 2014, and in December 2014 steam and condensate system warranty testing was handled by which the following values have been reached: pulp machine capacity has increased from 750 t/day to 850 t/day, steam saving by the reached capacity is  8% when before the modernization by 750 t/day capacity steam saving was 11%.