Rebuild of the screening system in the approach flow

Target:  rebuild of  the screening system in the approach flow in order to increase the production

The rebuild of certain units of PM4 at Krasnokamskaya Paper Mill FGUP Goznak carried out in 2010 in order to increase its production required the improvement of the screening system in the approach flow. BKT-Service specialists in cooperation with their old partner, AFT, performed the rebuild in the shortest possible time due to the fact that during the rebuild preparation stage a computer simulation of the screening process SimAudit™ with the new equipment by AFT had been made.

Stages of the rebuild:

  • Development of the new screening system lay-out with the replacement of the obsolete equipment with the new one;
  • Installation of the new pressure and the vibration screens by AFT;
  • Installation of the instrumentation and the process automatic control system.


  • More detailed control of the process: possibility to adjust RPM of the dandy roll, syncronize the speed of the roll and the wire and adjust position of the roll
  • Installation of the self-cleaning system
  • Easier and quicker replacement of the roll
  • New two-chamber suction box
  • Automatic adjustment of the vacuum level
  • Improved paper quality and water sign application
  • Increase of the PM 4 total efficiency