Rebuild of the pulp dryer press section in Bratsk

Requirement:  increase of the pulp machine production

Solution: reconstruction of the wet-end of the pulp drying machine
The project was developed by means of up-to-date 3D simulation programs that allow running the calculation of the general structure rigidity. The process calculation of all auxiliary systems such as the vacuum system (with the installation of a new vacuum pump), the washing and conditioning systems was also made. The main structures for the rebuild were manufactured in the repair and engineering works of Bratsky Pulp and Board Mill. Some of the elements were delivered from St. Petersburg. The bench assembly was done on the customer’s site. 

Stages of the rebuild:

First stage:  installation of the top felt on the couch press
First stage result: dryness increase after couch press from 27% to 31%
Second stage: installation of the top felt on the 1st press
Second stage result: dryness increase after the 1st press from 32% to 38%

Results of the rebuild:

  • Installation of the equipment performed in the shortest possible time
  • Customer’s requirement for the compatibility of the new equipment with the pulp machine equipment was met (for example, the 1st press top roll drive gear is similar to the couch  pressure roll drive gear as well as to the drying groups drive gears)
  • Pulp machine production increase more than by 10%: from 750 t/d to 830 t/d