Rebuild of the sludge concentration filter press

According to the request from Mondi Syktyvkar, BKT-Service engineers and designers developed a project regarding absolutely new equipment for primary sludge and biological sludge concentration before the screw presses.  The project was implemented and started up on 2009. Capacity of the equipment was 2500 l/min with sludge consistency 3,5-4,0 %.

The filter press support structure was manufactured out of stainless steel AISI 316. The filter press assembly includes bottom and top wire tables, equipped with rolls for the wire guiding, wire stretching systems, wire guides, showers for wire cleaning and drives, which ensure equal speed of both wires. For the press filter assembly BKT-Service designers used components, manufactured by the companies, well known in the pulp and paper industry: Weingrill, SMC, Sumitomo, Sterling.

High reliability and efficiency of the new equipment is also supported by means of fabrics from HUYCK.WANGNER, a world leader in machine clothing production. Manufacturing and preliminary assembly of the filter press was done by engineers in BKT-Service assembly shop in St. Petersburg. The equipment was installed by Mondi Syktyvkar specialists together with BKT-Service engineers.

This project has allowed to achieve very positive results: optimal structure of the press filter and perfectly matching HUYCK.WANGNER fabrics help to get 22% sludge consistency after the filter press wire section, and capacity has increased up to 116 t/day.