Change of BM1 felt guides at Kievsky Board Mill

In 2010 BKT-Service specialists have successfully carried out felt guides installation project on two tissue machines at Kievsky Board Mill situated in Obukhov. After the machine speed has been increased up to 1100 rpm the existing felt guides were not able to position the wire in a proper way anymore, which resulted in early wear of the wire and emergency shutdowns of the machine. After correct felt guides by Weingrill had been installed and adjusted by BKT-Service specialists, all the above mentioned problems dissapeared.

With respect to the positive cooperation experience in the past, in early 2012 year the mill representatives addresed BKT-Service again. This time the task was set to change all the felt guides of  BM1 drying section. One of the reasons for this was that the existing equipment was extremely worn out. Also after the reconstruction of the machine in 2010 the temperature under the hood increased to 80 °C  with the humidity level close to 100 %. Existing equipment was nonserviceable in the new temperature conditions .
BKT-Service and Weingrill specialists have made a survey of the machine, and basing on it's results have developped a plan of machine modernization. They also recommended optimal felt guide type for required positions together with their installation points.

New equipment was set in operation in January 2013. For optimizing and adjustment of the equipment a visit of Weingrill specialists was organized at site in April the same year. During this visit  necessary corrections were made and personnel training was conducted. Presently all the equipment is working correctly in the existing temperature conditions and has a security allowance (can function at the temperature up to 120 °C).