Reconstruction of the PM 6 headbox in Arkhangelsk Paper Mill

headbox arhangelskIn 2012 representatives of Arkhangelsk Paper Mill asked BKT-Service to find the solution of the problem of uneven stock flow to the forming fabric and fine adjustment of the 1m2 of the paper stock. 

After the survey the decision was made to manufacture a new headbox front wall with new 90mm adjustment pitch  (instead of existing 150 mm). New front wall was manufactured in Petrozavodsk and completed with a new slice lip  together with adjustment devices, manufactured by BKT-Service Italian partner - Weingrill.

The equipment assembly and start up  were done under  BKT-Service specialists’ supervision . They also executed some adjustments of the  top slice according to the bottom one. The start-up results in April  2013 demonstrated that the  Customer's requirements had been fulfilled: after rebuilt the equipment ensured even paper stock flow from the headbox to the forming fabric and the Customer got the possibility to make fine adjustment process of the stock grammage very easy.