Engineering, Manufacturing and Installation of a New Dandy Roll Assembly and a Suction Box

To improve paper quality and increase PM4 total capacity the Customer required rebuilding the dandy-roll and installing a new suction box. The dandy-roll did not meet the present day requirements and was worn out. So BKT-Service engineers had a task to design new equipment.

The rebuilt dandy-roll enables to manufacture paper with high quality watermark, improved surface structure parameters and formation. It also provides uniformity of paper sheet from both sides and eliminates marking. It guarantees high quality of the end product compared to one, manufactured before the rebuilt.

Moreover the new equipment allows for more detailed process control. Now it enables to adjust the dandy-roll RPM, synchronize the dandy-roll and the wire speed, control position of the roll which has self-cleaning system. The dandy-roll frame structure is very reliable and long lasting as it is made of stainless steel. Quick change of the roll, which became feasible after the rebuilt, allows manufacturing different paper grades with no delay. New two-chamber suction box, installed under the dandy roll, has special mechanisms of position adjustment against the roll. For easy and convenient use the suction box has automatic vacuum control system.

The result of cooperation between BKT-Service and Krasnokamsk Paper Mill specialists was the essential increase of the paper quality and watermark application and subsequently PM4 capacity.