PM7 Complex modernization program accomplishment at KAMA Pulp&Paper Mill

In the beginning of 2013 BKT-Service specialists were working on the complex project for PM-7 modernization at KAMA Pulp&Paper Mill, one of the most high-tech enterprises of Pulp&Paper Industry.

Several suppositions for modernization had been pointed out for the total equipment reconstruction and renovation. The entrprise personnel set a mission to bring the machine into the planned capacity. It was essential to diminish the time loss while the web threading, also ensure minimal web break by increasing the accurate tension measurement and drive control. The coating machine work was to be optimized in order to have minimal web wrapping while the web break.

In order to solve the application tasks, BKT-Service engineers have constructed and supplied the following equipment with the unique technical solutions:

            - an automatic threading slider from presses  in the first drying group

            -air foils set for the ropless threading

            - transfer air foils between the threading ropes  












- output of web tension mesurement system with load cells and tension indicator from Italian company Weingrill







- automatic cutting device “chopper” for rapid web break before the coating machine







While the project implementing rope guiding system has been optimized; for excluding the ropes impact the thread tension roll stand construction has been updated; and also threading process has been included into the Mill DCS.



After the big and hard work the project has been successfully completed. Now as PM-7 modernization has been handled, the mill has been yielding the competitive products what really proves the high project efficiency.