Board machine forepress section rebuild in Perm


In 2012 BKT-Service specialists have successfully completed BM-06 forepress section rebuild at Permsky Karton, Ltd.

BKT-Service developed the rebuild action plan which was approved by Permsky Karton Mill managers. The project included advanced and reliable equipment from our foreign partners СVN Vooner and Kadant UK.

The rebuild was started on December 27, 2011 and consisted of several stages. According to the plan, the first stage included disassemble of the old tray with a rubber doctor on the turning roll. Instead of it a new double doctor assembly, developed by BKT-Service specialists, was installed.

Already after the first stage of the modernization BM-06 performance has improved significantly: the board sheet dryness at the forepress section has increased, the board profile ameliorated. Despite fluctuations of the process parameters at BP-06, during the New Year holidays the machine was operating more stable compared to November-December 2011.  

After so impressive results Permsky Karton managers decided to implement the second stage of the rebuild. It included disassemble of the old equipment and installation of the second uhle box for the forepress wire. The scope of works was very significant, but nevertheless, in 24 hours they already got high quality board.

It took about half a year from the contract signing until the project completion. Despite the low cost of the project, its implementation had very positive effect. According to Permsky Karton the project payback period was less than 4 months.