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<V.I.T. Papertec AG> for more than 20 years has been a partner for expertise in the international paper industry. Now V.I.T. is one of the most innovative producer of metering rods, beds and related equipment, as well as paper cutting knives of various type for using on rewinders, corrugators and sheet cutters. Apart from the wide range of products , the company possesses its own unique measurement and analyses system for paper machine and its separate parts.

They are able to produce the most complete range of precision metering rods worldwide, with the highest standard of quality, by employing the specialized methods of manufacture. Their top priority is based on lifetime, application quality of the fluid agent and the simplified handling
of the equipment. The company’s rods range varies from smooth and profiled metering rods to specific surface coatings such as titan, platin (which are both specific hard coatings) as well as ceramic and chrome. All metering rods could be provided with a diameter between 5-50 mm and a length until 12800 mm. The precision metering rod beds, made out of high-class and wear-resistant materials, convince through their running time, layer-quality, fitting accuracy and unique flushing canal technology.

Thanks to enormous experience V.I.T. Papertec AG enables to select the innovative solutions that will help to increase your machine efficiency as well as to provide the proper technical support to the customer.