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Purafil Inc. is a world leader in gas-phase filtration equipment. It removes aggressive gasses which can make very negative impact on electronic equipment operation. The Company's profile is to protect electronic equipment from corrosion.

The Company provides a comprehensive approach to resolve the issues in the pulp and paper industry, which includes: the mill environment analysis, report and recommendations regarding the results of the analysis, equipment engineering and supply, technical service and projects support. To design and supply proper equipment and filtration elements for a specific pulp and paper mill, the Company considers all detailed information regarding the application, results of analysis and their own experience.  Purafil equipment and chemical filtration media can considerably improve the process reliability, reduce unplanned downtime and increase the production capacity. It also helps to reduce the replacement cost for new electronic equipment. Purafil systems correspond to the norms and requirements to clean air for production processes where a risk of corrosion is very high due to the aggressive environment and its influence to the equipment with sensitive electronic components.