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Huyck.Wangner is European production units of Xerium Technologies, Inc., which develop and offer advanced technologies and process-specialized solutions for machine clothing production and application in the paper industry.

More than 160 years of experience, continuous research and developments allow the company to keep the world leading position and set the standards for all types of the machine clothing to increase the production efficiency, finished product quality and provide optimal performance characteristics. The company products include a full range of forming and dryer fabrics, press felts, metal  fabrics and other types of fabrics and felts designs for dewatering and formation, which can be used not only in paper making, but in other industries as well.  High tech laboratories with advanced equipment allow to conduct various studies and developments and to provide Customers with timely recommendations regarding the process improvements and quickly respond to the production changes.

The service team has many types of measuring tools and devices for service works, maintenance, process optimization and current condition assessment at paper and board machines. With Huyck.Wangner's support our specialists will detect and analyze existing problems and provide optimal solutions, saving our customers' time and money.