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GL&V Dewatering Technologies produces a wide range of advanced dewatering equipment for paper and board machines. All equipment is customized for every mill according to the machine surveys, engineering analysis and many years of experience.

This supplier offers the following dewatering equipment: 

  • forming boards, including high turbulence forming board,
  • hydrofoil units with the different number of blades to guarantee good formation for all kinds of finished products;
  • universal "tool" for dewatering and formation - MPD unit (Multi-Purpose Dewatering Unit) can show optimal results in three different ways: as Hydrofoil, Vacufoil or unit for stock turbulence creation.
  • equipment for low, medium and high vacuum zones of the wire section (Vacufoil, Enervac and Hivac) has an option to set up different vacuum level and blade pitch in different chambers for more efficient drainage. 

Multi-chamber units ensure increase of dewatering and dry content after the wire section and reduction of load to the wire section drive.  Advanced technologies and materials guarantee high quality of plastic and ceramic blades for the dewatering equipment at the wire and press sections at all machine types. The company also supplies vacuum control systems, which allow to keep required vacuum level in every zone of the wire section, reducing vacuum costs and load to the wire section drive.