Chemical technologies

The company’s department of chemical technologies solves specific and comprehensive process tasks of pulp and paper mills in Russia and CIS. For a successful attainment of set goals the department of chemical technologies uses a comprehensive approach:

For the solution of tasks during a long period of time we use the chemical additives manufactured by the company «BIM Finland» OY.

The selection of chemicals and their dosage are performed individually with the production peculiarities taken into consideration. Specialists of the chemical technologies department together with the company «BIM Finland» OY and in cooperation with Northern (Arctic) Federal University and Saint-Petersburg State Technological University of Plant Polymers render assistance to the enterprises in any theoretical investigations, laboratory testing and industrial introduction of chemicals. They also carry out the overall support of projects, delivery of equipment and components. Working with the production we tend to achieve the benefit for the enterprise by means of lowering goods cost price along with the improvement of its quality.

Our specialists have a prominent scientific and engineering grounding. They work in team with the enterprises in order to raise production efficiency and improve products quality.