Press-release of the conference “Modern tendencies in maintenance service at the pulp and paper mills”

Dear friends!

Please see the extract from conference press-release “Modern tendencies in maintenance service at the pulp and paper mills” that was held in Krona Institute at the end of June.

“The report of Gennady Vishnyakov (BKT - Service) was about optimization of headbox operation. The reporter noted that the extension of competitive struggle, market requirements and the emerging of high-performance paper and board equipment  impose  higher and higher demands to the paper quality, and particularly, to the machine direction and cross machine direction mass profile of 1 m² of the paper sheet.

Maintenance personnel at the mill maintain functioning of mechanisms and separate elements of the headbox, but it does not always allow to achieve the required result. Besides, at many headboxes the top lip deckles have not been replaced during the whole operation period.  And as we all know, the deformation of top lip deckle occurs during continuous exploitation as well as the wear of its edge and  sedimentation of fiber and mineral contamination. Machine circulation does not provide with the conditions of constant and even stock feeding to the headbox. That is why floccules and pulsations  are formed in the stock. The speaker gave specific examples for successful solution of similar problems, and told in details what steps are being taken”.