The 3rd International conference «The issues in mechanics of pulp and paper materials»

International conference in memory of professor Valery Komarov «The issues in mechanics of pulp and paper materials» was held on September 9-11. The event took place in Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov (NArFU) with the principal objective of sharing the scientific and technical achievements of researchers and industry specialists and the establishment of scientific and business contacts. It was arranged by Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation and NarFU with the support of leading enterprises including BKT-Service company.

BKT-Service’s partners, representatives of  Bim Kemi and Aikawa Fiber Technologies companies, took part in the conference speaking about the advanced technologies with the focuse on optimization of paper making production process.

Speaker M. Rasmusson (BIM Kemi Sweden) presented to the audience the technology with Magnesium Silicate Hydrate application: MSH – a new process promotor for improved quality of mechanical pulp: «BIM Kemi’s patented and successful MSH technology applied in the bleach plant gives effects in the whole pulp and paper making process, e.g. higher wood yield, better dewatering, higher production, better formation, better surface evenness, lower anionic trash and reduced oxalate scaling».

Speaker H. Saikkonen (Aikawa Fiber Technology) reported about the use of advanced technology to prepare fibers for papermaking: «Pulp screening and refining play essential role in achieving the desired mechanical properties of paper and board products – as well as conserving fiber, energy and chemicals». His presentation highlighted some recent innovations in screening and refining technologies and how they can benefit a wide range of mill application.


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