The results of the third Russian national industrial scientific conference “Technology Development Prospects in Pulp and Paper Industry”.

On February 27th, 2015 the third Russian national industrial scientific conference “Technology Development Prospects in the Pulp and Paper Industry” took place in Perm National Research Polytechnic University (PNRPU). The conference was arranged by Perm Pulp&Paper Industrial Group, Solikamskbumprom and PNRPU. A lot of people participated in this conference: primary, secondary and higher professional school  students, postgraduates, young scientists carrying out theoretical and applied scientific studies, leading local pulp and paper specialists as well as representatives of pulp and paper mills and partner companies. BKT-Service process engineer A. Alekseyev presented his report at the conference concerning “Resource saving due to the special chemical agents application in the pulp&paper industry”.

A. Alekseyev spoke about application of the special chemical agents which can help to resolve the following critical tasks: power saving, production capacity increase and product quality improvement. The speaker also described the projects developed by BKT-Service together with their long-time partner BIM Finland OY, which are targeted to enhance paper and board machines efficiency. One of these projects is ChemStone OAETM  , which has a lot of benefits: it allows to reduce power consumption used for refining, to increase output of  long fiber fractions, to reduce the level of extractive substances and reject due to high impurity content (big particles, fiber flakes, etc.), and to improve mechanical properties. The speaker also presented to the audience solutions for various problems with the help of Cellfix 188, neutral agent for continuous wire passivation ; Tensidef 740, highly efficient defoamer/dearator for air content reduction in the paper stock; CD 255, press felt cleaning agent. He gave a detailed description of the potential effects and results after usage of these agents. At the end of the conference our specialist was awarded with the III degree diploma. 

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