About company

BKT-Service is a successful participant of the Russian pulp and paper market since 1999. During these years the company has earned its name in the market and the image of a trusted and open business-partner. Its specialists are highly valued not only in the pulp and paper mills of Russia but also in other countries.

We provide the quality service and engineering of important stages of pulp and paper production including all stages of stock preparation, machine production of cardboard and paper and also their further processing.

Our main asset is our people. We have a continuous improvement plan and we maintain the knowledge of our specialists to the highest level. The company possesses the high-quality specialists having a rich experience of working in the largest pulp and paper enterprises who are able to carry out the expert assessment on site and also to advise you at all stages of project realization up to its completion.

Having at their disposal a wide range of measuring tools, our specialists will conduct a full scope of works on the inspection of your equipment in order to reveal the problem areas of your production. If necessary they can also give recommendations on optimization of production processes. Our original engineering developments enable us to perform optimal solutions on modernization of both separate units and machines as a whole.

The partners of the company are the leading world manufacturers of chemicals, machine clothing and equipment for the production of pulp and all types of paper that are both well-known in the European market and in the USA. The company staff includes technical translators specializing in the pulp and paper industry. This allows us to provide the quality service in negotiations interpreting, current correspondence communication and documents translation into Russian language in the process of our work with the foreign suppliers.

Customers of the company are provided with a full range of logistics services including consolidation of the cargo in stock in Finland, collection and preparation of documents for customs clearance, preparation of cargo-accompanying documents, selection of custom codes, and transportation of joint cargos with the delivery “house-house”.

We tend to be closer to our customers in order to have an opportunity to come to the aid timely and efficiently solve the occurring problems and at the same time prevent their occurrence in order to lower customer’s expenses. The company has representatives in the regions, in such centers of pulp and paper industry as Syktyvkar, Arkhangelsk, Koryazhma and Perm.

We are aiming at a continual growth of your profit by means of production efficiency improvement and costs reduction. That is why we are continuously researching the market in order to find innovative technologies, approaches and equipment.