Design of equipment and production processes

design equipmentDesign of new equipment and modernization of operating one is a complex process demanding a comprehensive approach and a development of multistage plan for works execution.

In order to choose the optimal ways of design and modernization with Customer’s tasks and abilities taken into consideration, in the initial stage the specialists of the company will conduct an accurate audit of a production process on the basis of which the basic design of the future process is fulfilled.

In order to provide necessary accuracy we use the 3D modeling which is giving the clearest and more detailed understanding of systems and equipment placement. For this purpose we rely on the experience and knowledge acquired by our specialists both during the time of working in the production and during the time of equipment modernization projects realization.

When performing the process design we take into consideration the long-term experience of many enterprises and recommendations of TAPPI and other international and Russian standards.

By means of close cooperation with the Customer we tend to optimize the value of projects. Our original developments give the opportunity to provide you with the unique technical solutions which due to the innovative approach and design will allow you to become the leader in your area.

In our original developments we use the components manufactured by global manufacturers. This provides the high level of unification, high reliability and maintainability of the equipment.